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IGN: CastoloGR
by CastoloGR » about 1 month ago

We know that you've been tired of us always claiming "This server is gonna be a lot different" or "This gonna be the best of the 3" and etc etc. We promise though that this time, you won't be disappointed. We, the staff team, have made serious conversations about this. The management team had to decide what has to be done. It wasn't up to me even though I run this Network. We decided to cooperate, develop and maintain our best server ever. Even none of you have joined the test server(s), you can see that the Discord Server is significantly more professional than the previous one (which is for sale btw on e-bay HERE). What we want from you: Patience, support and activity.

1. Patience. The good takes some time to be out.

2. Support. Invite your friends, share the server or even donate

3. Be active and start conversations in the public chat


Thanks for reading this,
-Project Team ~ CastoloGR